Neliel Tu Odelschwank

Intro Thread

Feel free to add me if:
-We have something in common
-You like my stuff/icons/stories/etc.

Do NOT add me if:
-You just want to extend your friends list
-We have nothing in common


Kurosaki Ichigo

Video Game Trouble!!!

AAA!! I just bought Disgaea Infinite and I can't figure this thing out for the world!!
Its evil I tell you! If anyone has it and has gotten farther that me in it, please help.
I have already possessed Laharl, Etna, Prinny, Flonne, Jennifer, Mao, Thursday, and Gordon.
I have only gotten to the 15th hour with each of them and then Laharl goes boom and cuts the Prinny's salary,
regardless of all of my flippin attempts to save his butt. Im at a standstill and I cant find
any website that has a walkthrough. Pleeeaassee help!!
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Kurosaki Ichigo

A Cross And A Girl Named Blessed

I made this from an idea I had stuffed in my head for the longest. Idk what to say about it, it just is. I hope you guys like it. I got the title from one of my favorite songs. Maybe thats what tells her story?? Great song anyway. Very heartfelt.

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